beezsocial FAQ

Please find below a list of our most common questions with regards to our social media services. If you have any questions that are not answered feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

1) What BeezSocial will do to my business or brand?

BeezSocial will help you increase your potential customer base, which makes promoting your product or service easier! The larger the target audience the broader are your chances of sales.


2) How do I place an order?

Simple... On our homepage choose the number of Fans, Followers etc. Hit “BUY NOW”, enter your page URL and any other information we may require and proceed to the “CHECKOUT”.  We accept most major credit cards through Paypal.


3) Do you do custom orders/packages?

Yes we are always happy to help with custom orders or packages. Simply let us know what you require  by contacting us at or visit our contact us page. We will get back to you immediately.

4) Is payment through a secured service?

YES! We only accept payments through Paypal. In their words “PayPal delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. After more than a decade as the leader in online payments, we've learned a thing or two about keeping your information safe.”

5) How long does it take to start receiving fans, followers, votes etc?

That depends on the quantity you order. Each item in our store has different period of completion. For example: the facebook package of 500 likes will be delivered within 3 days after your order is processed.

Please check the item description before purchasing it.

For all orders please allow 24 hours order processing after you receive our confirmation email!

6) Can I get banned using your methods?

NO! We only use White Hat techniques. We are also conscious of how many Facebook fans, Twitter Followers, Google+ Votes etc you receive on a daily basis. We do our best to spread them out for a more realistic effect.


7) Can you target Facebook fans from specific countries?

Yes we have a list of countries you can target Facebook fans from. After selecting the amount of Targeted Facebook fans you wish to purchase, we will ask for your Facebook page URL and to choose the country you wish to target.

8) What is the difference between “Unargeted Facebook Fans” and “Targeted Facebook Fans?”

Untargeted Facebook Fans are profiles from no specific geo location, whereas Targeted Facebook Fans are profiles from a specific country of your choice. 

9) Can you target Twitter followers from specific countries/interests?

Yes we can. If you choose targeted Twitter Followers (with password) you will have the option of adding keywords with your Twitter account interest. We will use these keywords in our search for followers. For example: Interior Designers, London, UK.

10) Why do you need my password for the targeted Twitter follower service?

We require your password  to have access to your account and use appropriate techniques to attract targeted Twitter Followers to your profile. Your password will be safe with us and we will properly discard it after completion of the work.

11) Is my Twitter account safe when adding followers?

Yes, it is 100% safe! We never tweet from it, never send direct messages out, and never change anything on your profile.
We have helped hundreds of customers add new followers to their twitter accounts and have never had any accounts banned or suspended.
We take the security of your account very seriously. You can be rest assured that your account will be safe with us.

12) Can you target Google+ votes from specific countries?

Yes we have a list of countries you can target Google+ votes from. After selecting the amount of Targeted Google+ votes you wish to purchase, a pop up will ask for your Google+ page URL and to choose the country you wish to target. 

13) What is the difference between “Untargeted Google+ Votes” and “Targeted Google+ Votes”?

Untargeted Google+ Votes are profiles from no specific geo location. Whereas targeted Google+ Votes are profiles from a specific country of your choice. 


14) How do you get Pinterest followers on my account?

Our team has developed a unique method of acquiring followers. Our methods strictly adhere to Pinterest’s policies and gradually acquire our clients a steady stream of new followers. 


15) It has been a few days and I am not receiving any Instagram followers or likes what should I do?

Please verify that your account settings are not set to private and contact us now.

16) How long will it be before I will see an increase in my YouTube video views?

Your video will begin accumulating views immediately! However, YouTube updates are slower and for that reason, you will see an increase in your video views within 1 - 3 business days.


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