Never underestimate the power of Google+

The importance Google+ to business has been grossly understated. Launched in June 2011, Google valiantly marketed its new social media platform as a rival to Facebook and although this was, to say the least, a far-fetched expectation, Google+ is still owned by the same company that owns the undisputed king of all search engines.

Anyone worth their salt in business today recognises the need for their website and corresponding marketing practices to adhere to Google rules in order to generate and maintain any kind of online presence. It therefore makes good business sense to allow for Google’s integration in to your online business model.


So what is that Google+ can do for you?

Direct Connect

Google+, like other social networking sites allows you to create your own page for your business, but where it differs is that its 1 billion strong user-base can simple type ‘+[your business name]’ to be sent directly to your page, provided that you use Google+’s  Direct Connect function.


As Google+ makes it clear in its sales blurb ‘different people are interested in different parts of your business’ and the site allows news feeds and updates, promotions, links and photos to be shared in a user-friendly interface that is very similar to Facebook in purpose.

You can also integrate the +1 button into your website and corresponding marketing materials so that people can recommend you to others.

Google+ votes and Search Engine Optimization

Google+ votes will have an almost immediate effect on your search engine ranking - provided your website has quality content and is not stuffed with keywords - and as previously stated this imperative for an effective online presence.

As with any marketing it can be terribly difficult to gain an adequate following, but this may not be a problem if you are shrewd enough – this writer would strongly recommend that you buy Google+ votes or buy targeted Google+ votes in order to increase your online visibility on both the Google+ site itself and also the search engine rankings.

Complex algorithms

Google’s algorithms are now so complex that they can detect the presence of ill-placed keywords in text and also in a lot of computer-generated marketing strategies. 

BeezSocial is an example of a company that is able to use its acute knowledge of this amazing technology to distribute Google+ votes in a way that appears completely organic.



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