How to use YouTube to promote your business online

YouTube is an internet phenomenon. With over 2 billion users, each of whom use the video sharing site for an average of fifteen minutes per day, it has become known as one of the sharpest promotional tools in this box known as the "world wide web".

Now owned and run by Google, YouTube videos are virtually guaranteed to appear in search engine results, provided you do it right.

The following is a list of guidelines, which if followed will ensure a successful YouTube campaign for your business


The first step in the process of starting and building your YouTube campaign is to create your channel. Do this using an account named after your business as opposed to your own name. 

This not only appears more professional, but will make it much easier for those searching for videos relating to your business, brand, product or service on the search engines and in YouTube itself.


Set up your channel to reflect your brand – add your business logo and other relevant images, colors, and links to your website. 

Take care of your content

Content is the key to a successful YouTube campaign and if you have uninteresting and irrelevant content you will be doomed to failure.

Make sure your videos are relevant to your product and services and flattering to your brand. Avoid annotating your videos as this rarely looks professional and many will find it annoying.

Add subtitles to your videos to accommodate the hard of hearing and make sure the subtitles are accurate.  

Your branding may entice people to view your content, but it will be subject to more dislikes – or at worst, apathy – than likes if you do not have interesting content. You should consider purchasing likes for your videos as apparent popularity always succeeds in generating actual popularity – buy YouTube likes for your videos and buy YouTube favourites for your channel to entice an even greater following.


While quality content is obviously vitally important to your YouTube campaign, there are many great videos that do not get many views. To maximize your views use the correct tag words, and organize your videos in a way that is viewer-friendly as opposed to merely linear. 

This will make it far easier those searching to find you, as well making you more visible in Google. A shrewd idea would be to buy YouTube views as it is a fact that the more views a video has had, the more it will have in the future. 




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